Rachel Bio ImageHello there! I’m Rachel.

I’m a designer, fine artist, and craftsman // I love early morning light, chai lattes, and dad jokes. You can usually find me wearing jeans covered in sawdust, with a pencil stuck in my bun.

After a few years living in the perpetual summer of San Diego CA, I moved back to my hometown of Boise, Idaho. With a degree in fashion and fine art, visual arts are my thing, from fine art to design, and from painting to power tools. I’ve worked on store merchandising, window displays, wedding styling, textile design, and trade show booth construction – a creative jack of all trades!

Much of my work is inspired by a desire to capture the beauty in the ordinary. I’m passionate about creating both artful & functional designs.

Find my Etsy store here, or for commission work, contact me at rachel.e.hirst@gmail.com.




  1. Amber Mares says:

    I love the design you have come up with for the new Tula line! You are an inspiration! As a new mom I enjoy creating small crafts as gifts for the family and items for my baby. I love your work and look forward to wearing your designs one day.

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